Thursday, May 19, 2011


What is a secret ?
Knowing something that others don't know.
Keeping something hidden and making sure that others never find out.
Protecting a friend,a family member,someone u barely know.

Why it sometimes so hard to keep a secret ?
Because it can be thrilling,even powerful,to have a secret and it's a kind of test.

Are u worthy of the secret ? Will u be loyal,and keep it always ? Will u hurt or disappoint someone if u blurt it out ? Or will it be worse if u don't tell ?

Lets think about your own secrets,secrets entrusted to u,secrets u've entrusted to others,secrets u've found out accidentally,secrets u were always meant to know...and secrets u've yet to discover .
SECRETS are realistic,fantasy,serious business,hilarious misunderstanding n misadventures.

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