Thursday, May 19, 2011

You're The Best

Friendships matter a great deal to all the women.I know : young girls,mature women,and at every point in between.Friends not only help to shape who we are,but they also play a large part in who we become.So they are equally important to young girls and to the women those girls will grow into.
Some people keep their friends apart and enjoy seperate lives with each one,while others expect their close friends to get along with each other,no matter what.Like most things in life,friendships are a work in progress.They change in unforseen ways,even if u don't want them to.A troubled friendship may sit like an elephant in a corner of the room,which no one mentions for fear of upsetting u.However,u may be want of those people with a hundred very close friends constantly available either way, the chance are that u-the rather of this collection of stories-care a lot about your friends.
A real friendship can't be taken for granted.It needs care and attention from both sides,but with luck,it may last and go.

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